Beautiful Split

Tuesday July 15th
Another beautiful day in Split. We started in the morning by climbing the bell tower. The largest part of the bell tower is square, each wall about 20 feet long. The metal staircase winds around the inside and I saw many white faced people heading back down, eyes staring straight ahead. Not a good trip for those scared of heights.
The view is well worth the climb, to look down at the architectural chaos below.
After a very good lunch of octopus salad and grilled sea bass at Apetit restaurant we slowly walked up Marjan hill, the park on a peninsula. Amazing views, the air scented with herbs, flowers and pine, the sound of cicadas in the pines and very hot! We found a fountain on the way down and stuck our heads right in. Like in Rome, lots of good drinking water available in the street.
We made our way back through the old town, picked up a bottle of nice Croatian merlot and had a great supper of prosciutto, melon, tomatoes and cheese.

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