About us

A few things about us:

  • We live just a few minutes from the centre of Canada’s capital, Ottawa.
  • We are both retired.
  • We love to travel, we love to do house exchanges.
  • We have done five house exchanges to date.
  • We travel just the two of us, with friends and with family.

If you are on this blog it is likely because I sent you the link. When I travel I can never keep track of who I have sent what news to, so thought I would try and keep it gathered in one place. I’m also never sure who wants to know what we are doing or if I am flooding their inbox with unwanted emails.

My plan was also to upload many photos and little text but it seems that slow internet connections in so many places are not going to make that as easy as I hoped.

Come back once in a while for a visit as it seems the “widget” to subscribe is not working very well.

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