Our first day in Split

A lovely relaxing day exploring the incredible city of Split. It really is going to be in my favourite places list. It is hard to describe, a city that is fully lived in but is amazingly old, an old palace that has become a city centre. Walls, sculptures, fountains, little narrow streets that are only 5 feet wide. Friendly people, not too hurried, good prices on food. It does have a few of the big chain stores that you see in every town in Europe and the USA but they are the minority, not the majority. I found a place for a pedicure this afternoon so spent a very pleasant hour chatting with the business owner, a very nice way to meet a local and ask lots of questions. Tonight we went for a long walk along the Riva. Families, kids, lots of young party people, everyone out for a walk and enjoying the evening. Beautiful!


Video of La Riva in Split at night

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