Solta Island

If you were watching a cooking show like Jamie Oliver, and you saw him on a beautiful rocky island, spending the day on a private tour with the olive grower, walking the olive groves, visiting the presses, tasting a dozen varieties of olive oil, being served a lovely meal… that is the kind of day we had. After the tour and the meal were over the son Marco took us to a beautiful little village in a cove for 30 minutes or so. He then took us back to the ferry village where we walked along a little rocky path with tall rosemary growing wild on either side to a sheltered rocky beach where we swam in the Adriatic… the ferry then came in at 5. We were at Olynthia olive grove on Solta island for those who like to google.
Tomorrow to Dubrovnik by bus, but it will be very hard to leave. We love it here!


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