Mijas 2018 ~ My retirement trip !


Whenever we travel we tend to move around a lot and stay busy every day, road trips, historical sites, museums etc. This time I have planned something different which is spending a month in one place. Last year we stayed in the lovely little town of Mijas for five days and I really liked the atmosphere. So, this year we have rented an apartment for a month with my Mum and myself staying for the full month but others coming and going. First my sister Ruth, then Terry and then finally Alain arriving on March 13th.

Mijas Pueblo is a “White village” on a hillside looking over the Mediterranean. The pace is slow, with a blend of day tourists, English expats and locals. I like to walk to the store, buy fresh food each day and go for walks in the many little side streets.

There is just one problem: Pouring rain, day after day, howling wind…. The weather throughout Europe is exceptionally bad this week so I should be thankful it is not snow. We have had a few hours of sunshine but most of the time it has been awful. Today seems to be even worse with the patio doors shaking instead of whistling and furniture outside blowing around.

We are still having a nice time snuggled up with books and blankets but it is not what I had in mind for the Costa del Sol! Each time I’ve ventured out in the rain it is like stepping into the shower, except with howling wind so an umbrella is useless. I have my dollar store poncho over my rain coat and change when I get home….

Oh,  and I forgot to mention the power failures, the entire town without power. Oh well, enforced rest! 

Click here to see more photos: Mijas – week 1 photo album

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