I have somehow lost my Dubrovnik notes so I now have to write this more than a week later. Dubrovnik is a spectactular medieval city and deserves its repulation as a very beautiful city.
We had two problems in Dubrovnik, the weather was very hot and our apartment with a spectactular view was very, very high on the hill. This meant that it was hard to go out for a swim (maybe 1 km away, but 1 km straight down with 100’s of steps). By the time we went for a swim and made it back up the hill we were just about passing out from the heat.
In Split, where we had come from, we had a huge apartment close to the center of town and we could pop in and out whenever we needed through the day. The weather was not much cooler but it was not combined with the steep walks. Split also has the advantage that even the inner city is fully lived in by locals, the markets have as many locals as tourists. The inner city of Dubrovnik is a tourist haven and I don’t think there is much room for locals inside the city walls. We still had a wonderful time with the highlights for me walking the city walls, the cable car to the top of the mountain where we watched the sunset and our exploration of Lokrum Island where we went for a swim.


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