Croatia Summary

Monday July 22nd
I loved Croatia, the scenery is spectacular and very different from other places I’ve travelled. I felt safe at every moment, the people are very kind but not effusive, most people spoke some English. I don’t know what I was expecting, maybe that it would be a little more chaotic. It is very affordable, the food is very good. Everything was clean and very well organized. We had no problem sorting out ferries and buses. All of the restaurants have prices displayed at every table. The only time somebody attempted to rip us off was on the market. The nice little old lady who was selling us tomatoes had a cucumber hidden in the bottom of her pan on the scale with our tomatoes. She knocked it over by mistake so Alain saw the cucumber fall out and we walked away.
Would I go back: definite yes
Where to: Split , Trogir, more islands
What would I take next time? Water shoes. The beaches are rough rocks not just smooth pebbles and there are sea urchins everywhere.

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